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I was interested in this guy. He's a big shot very well known I'm chill and reserved I made myself known over a course of time catching his attention then finally exchanging numbers we texted which was dry to me. One day I just happened to text him a little late at night. I started to talk sexually to him only bc of what his vibe was implying lol we eventually planned to meet up he Came to my place we had sex I gave him oral he said he loved it truth is I haven't heard from him since lol why???


Because you offered the pussy, presented the pussy, gave him the pussy and sucked his dick. If he was interested in anything more than what it is, he’d show/tell you. Perhaps if your conversation with him went in a different direction or you swerved on his sexual implications things would have gone down differently….or maybe not at all. The convo was stale until sex was the subject. He’s a man; he got the pussy and kept it moving. He may be back for that oral sooner or later. 

Lol wow she kept it G as fuck